Sawn Green Oak & An Improvised Bench

Published by timwilley on

Sometimes a commission comes through that takes you to a fascinating area of green woodworking. In this case, it’s for sixteen carved oak posts to support wrought-iron, garden arches.

The garden surrounds a stunningly beautiful Arts and Crafts house and I will be looking to reflect some of the architectural details in the turned and carved finials. The posts are freshly sawn and as they sit next to my bench, that unmistakable oaky, tannin aroma pervades the whole workshop. Lovely!

On a far more prosaic level, this simple little bench was lashed together in five minutes. Two logs and a section of an old railway sleeper. The reason I’m so pleased with it is that, at the first attempt, it sat completely level without so much as a wobble – I think that’s a first for me!

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