Tales from the Wood

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Firing Stack on a Windy Day

Very windy out there today, so I thought I'd test the technology by trying a super-fast, wind-assisted firing of a rather chunky and handled coil pot. The new clay I've been working on coils really well, but it's a bit course for throwing (although coiled-and-thrown is just fine).

I've also been formulating some enamels to apply to the bare clay and now that I've found the right flux balance and enamel-medium (a mixture containing shellac) it works a treat. Not quite what you would associate with the traditional onglaze enamels of Sevres, but a lovely texture on the course clay.

Dry to fired in 15 mins! and I guess it reached about 900c judging by the melt of the enamels.

No spalling, no cracks, handle still on, and definitely - NO biscuit firing - (the very thought!)






A small YouTube clip of an enamelled ceramic beetle. The legs are forged steel and the baseboard is larch. After looking closely at the leg movement of beetles (in slow motion, I hasten to add) I think I've just about got the gist. The mechanical movement, housed behind the baseboard, is constructed entirely from birch ply. Lots of cogs and cams - and lots of time working it all out!