Tales from the Wood

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Lost Trees and Ageing Joints

Bracken - sometimes a nuisance, sometimes a real pain (mostly in the lateral epicondyle). When it towers over the young saplings and then, in the winter, collapses, it can easily bring down the young trees. Look for gaps in the planting and slash away, that's the only course of action, but it is hard work.

And talking of hard work; after many years of starting fairly potent chainsaws, my elbow is hinting that I need to make things a little easier. Enter ErgoStart. It's a system, where instead of sharply tugging the starting handle of a recalcitrant two-stroke, you serenely draw out the cord and literally wind it up! Yes, it's a good old fashioned coil spring, which releases it's stored energy just at the right time. I love it. I even stop the saw for the sheer pleasure of starting it again!

These ash logs have been hiding in the bracken for most of the autumn. They should have been lifted off the ground before the winter's damp penetrates. It's not too late, so I start an elevated stack on two risers. But, no matter how efficient I try to make it look, that fungus is a bit of a give-away!

Slashing Bracken

Ergo Start