Norfolk Wildlife Trust – Hickling Reserve

Coming up this summer:

Create a Crane & Pole-Lathe a Woodpecker

Keep a lookout on the NWT website for details and dates – I’ll also post them up here.

Using natural fibres and a simple wooden mechanism, this little project will provide a delightfully automated introduction to the ancient material of wood-bast fibre. All materials will be provided, including pre-sawn body components and pre-prepared fibre. The automated crane will be constructed by shaping, and jointing the moving parts and then, attaching the fibre wings, tail and crest. During the course of the day, you will also have hands-on experience in harvesting, preparing and grading wood-bast fibres using natural materials collected on-site.

Using materials gathered from the reserve, learn how to make this very animated Woodpecker. All the supplementary materials will be provided, and you will be introduced to the ancient art of pole-lathing to make the simply turned body. Add a few feathers and a twiggy beak and let gravity do the rest!